Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bio-Energy in the News

The recent, much publicised healing of Michael Flatley by Michael O’Doherty of Plexus Bio-energy has justifiably raised the profile of this branch of complementary medicine in the last few weeks. But it is only one of a number of examples reported in the media over the years.

A particularly notable example occurred in 2008 when Croatian Olympic gold medal-winning handballer Ivano Balic found he had to abandon training for the last two months before the 2008 European Handball championship in Lillehammer. He visited Zdenko Domancic three days before the tournament and received a course of treatments for his condition.

It worked. He led the Croatian team to the silver medal and was himself joint top goal scorer. He was voted onto the All-Star team for the tournament. Needless to say Domancic was feted by the Croatian media.

In 2006 The Telegraph reported “Seka Nikolic's gift for "bio-energy" healing has astonished even the most cynical. In 25 years, she has encountered just three cases which she couldn't help.” She is author of a book called “You Can Heal Yourself”

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