Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learn about Bioenergy Healing

In the last year there has been a considerable increase in interest in bio-energy healing in Ireland. This has come about mainly as a result of the well publicised healing of Michael Flatley by Michael O’Doherty followed by the recent publication of O’Doherty’s book, Just Imagine A Life without Illness.In recent months there’s been a stream of queries into Bio-energy for Health about the therapy.

Over the course of writing this blog I have explained aspects of the therapy: a browse through the posts should answer a lot of the questions posed; I would also recommend a visit to my website

If you are interested in Bioenergy, watching videos is a painless way of getting information. I have linked up to various YouTube videos in the posts, here are a selection of them.

Zdenko Domancic, the father of modern Bio-energy therapy in an instructive 50 minute film:

Michael O’Doherty of Plexus Bio-energy in a clip from a programme televised by Discovery Channel

Alex Basoc demonstrating the physical power of the Domancic Method:

a Michael Cohen interview (audio):


Energy Healing Techniques said...

There is a growing number of people who are interested in different types of energy healing methods such as Reiki, color and sound therapy. Use your inner power to find solutions to your challenges.

Anonymous said...

i would use energy treating, rather than energy healing. No one heals anyone. Those called healers are simply channelling life energy, and we can all do that to various extents. Our abilities differ, and healing is an art. Everyone can be taught to paint, but not everyone becomes Picasso. Healing is the same. And what we refer to as Domancic method, or Dalton Method, or Nudel method, Michael Cohen method, or Pranic Healing method are just personalisations of what used to be called Mesmerism. But none of them will admit to this becasue of the negative conotation carried by "mesmerism". They are all doing a variant of the same thing, and the variance comes from their exposure to various modalities of healing.

This said, different 'healers' are effective for different conditions. It is an art. Some are good for depression, others are effective for parkinsons, and still others are effective for fertility. The same teacher can teach 100 students and only 2 of them will be effective in the same areas as the teacher.

This fact is important to stress. It is not methods that are effective. It is the 'healer' that is effective. The method is only a set of prescriptions that teachers pass on to the student, and is solely intended to trigger the student's intention. The rest, including effectiveness has to do do with the students will, ability/aptitude to mobilize life energy, and creativity (of the artist/healer).

I encourage those interested in working as energy healers to be exposed to many modalities, from which they can then develop their own. With practice this comes naturally, as it has for Zdenko Domancic and all others for that matter.

Energy healing is an art. A true artist has many teachers, but never replicates teachers. Learn QiGong , Learn Reiki, Learn Sufi Healing, learn Pranic Healing. Then use the techniques you have learned as you would letters of the alphabet for creative writing. Only then you will be an effective healer.

Anonymous said...

thank you. you finally clearing that out. i was always confused about that.