Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stress and Bioenergy

A lot of research has been carried out on the links between stress and various forms of cancer. The connection is no longer in doubt, but there are a number of proposed mechanisms which have different degrees of corroboration. These include the well- known suppression effect of stress on our immune cells, particularly as our immune systems contain cells that destroy cancerous cells. Another mechanism assigns a direct role to stress in triggering cancer; it involves stress as a trigger to the signalling between cells that work together in tumour growth. Yet another line of study suggests that stress might also reduce the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

We are all aware of other symptoms of stress: raised blood pressure, increased susceptibility to infections, skin conditions etc. These in addition to the lowering of our quality of life due to sleep loss, loss of appetite, libido, etc. and increased irritability in our interactions with others. There are many well-known methods of lowering stress, e.g. meditation, yoga, getting away from it all, walking; conscious steps must be taken to change how we deal with stress.

Bioenergy treatments are especially successful in dealing with stress-related conditions. Clients of Bioenergy for Health almost always remark on the relaxing nature of the treatment, a majority of those that have come claim that their levels of stress have dropped notably even before the four day treatment is finished.

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