Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bioenergy - 2 Meanings

Surfing the websites you will probably have noticed that Bioenergy can refer to two totally unrelated processes. The first: a system of healing which works by balancing the human energy field. It is non-invasive.

The second is energy that can be got from biomass, (ie all organic material). Wood pellets, energy crops, manure would be considered a source of bioenergy but coal, a fossil fuel, would not. The difference being that biofuels, (ie prepared biomass), are renewable sources of energy, coal is not.

The benefits of the latter Bioenergy is that it provides alternatives to the dwindling fossil fuels, it supposedly produces less greenhouse emissions and it could be the source of new employment in rural areas.

The benefits of my form of Bio-energy is that, at the very least, it clears blockages in energy transmission throughout the body; and very frequently it heals conditions traditional medicine doesn’t.

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Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Bio Energy Healing is also one of the greatest forms of preventative medicine. In addition to curing conditions that traditional medicine finds difficult; removing emotional block from the Human Energy fields before it manifests in the physical can prevent prevent these diseases & illnesses.

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