Thursday, March 26, 2009

Research into Bioenergy

So much of our technology and know-how has reached us via military research e.g. the internet. A year ago, a report entitled Army's New PTSD Treatments: Yoga, Reiki 'Bioenergy' by Noah Shachtman appeared in Danger Room, a Wired Blog relating to defence.

“The Army just unveiled a $4 million program to investigate everything from "spiritual ministry, transcendental meditation, [and] yoga" to "bioenergies such as Qi gong, Reiki, [and] distant healing" to mend the psyches of wounded troops.
As many as 17 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have some form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, one congressional study estimates. Nearly 3,300 troops have suffered traumatic brain injury, or TBI, according to statistics assembled last summer.”

Early results from some of this research should soon start to filter out. I am looking forward to a time in the near future when Bioenergy Healing will be accepted as being on a par with traditional medicine.

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