Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Testimonials relating to Bio-energy for Health

Perhaps it’s not surprising that there is a lot of scepticism around healing methods like the Domancic and Plexus Bio-energy treatments, and other forms of energy treatment. It is still relatively new in Ireland and does represent a markedly different approach to the standard medical treatment. I should stress that it is complimentary. It will take time for the success of the methods to become sufficiently widely known and accepted. Here are two genuine testimonials of my work from this year (I have withheld surnames for privacy reasons).

“Since my bio-energy treatment I have had tremendous benefit, having suffered with a chronic abscess problem. It is great to feel relief, have great energy and know how it feels to be pain free.” ……………Lisa

“Prior to my attending Catherine’s Clinic I was experiencing severe back spasm and stiffness to my neck which resulted in restricted movement and discomfort whilst driving. Having attended the Plexus group on previous occasions in the western region, I am acutely aware of the benefits this course of treatment has for me.

Following my first session with Catherine my condition had greatly improved, the spasm had disappeared and the limited movement to my neck had also improved. I can say yet again, after four days, that Bio-energy Therapy has worked for me.............Michael

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