Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Mother's Account - Ronan's Story

18th August 2010

I’m writing this in regard to my 2 year old son Ronan.

He had a traumatic birth which in turn left the left side of his brain raised, it was like a hump. His doctors said it would correct itself but it never did.

He seemed a happy child from day one, he was developing normally, and then he hit 9 months and started getting very chesty, by the time he was 10 months he was in and out of hospital taking asthma attacks.

This time was very stressful for him. He was getting blood tests done and oxygen masks put up to his face every few hours, this went on for about six months, in and out every few weeks.

Again we got the asthma under control, the child we had before these attacks seemed to have disappeared. He was distant! I’ m not sure how to explain it, he would just fade off into his own little world.

He was late to crawl, then he was late to walk, and we just put it down to him being so sick for so long maybe he had to catch up. But when he hit 2 and he seemed to be getting worse, we had to do something. The hospital said they would send him for the assessments of needs, because he was showing a lot of red flags for autism. My heart was broke. Here are some of things he as doing.

1. He would not answer to his name.
2. He did not want to socialise.
3. Would stack pegs and line up cousins.
4. He would spin the wheels of his buggy for 20 minutes or more just looking into space.
5. He would remove myself and my husband and his two brothers from a room if he wanted to go into it by lining us all up against the wall.
6. He was very sensitive to the feel of things e.g. grass.
7. He was also very sensitive to food.
8. He would not give eye contact.
9. He would line things up in order of size.
10. He had no speech at all.
11. And his level of understanding on a scale of 1 – 10 was maybe a 1.

I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing, we went on the internet and came across bioenergy healing. After reading up a little we decided we would give it a go.

The way we seen it was Ronan was fine until he went into hospital so maybe he got so scared that his spirit went into a state of shock, “ a frozen state” that would have explained why he was so distant. Maybe he lost trust in us as parents.

We made an appointment with Catherine and still we didn’t know what to expect. We had not even hoped for the results we got. She explained it would be a four day session which last about 30-40 minutes. It’s non invasive which was better for Ronan, because he thought everyone was a doctor and he did not like doctors.

The first day we were very surprised, he took to her straight away, he was very relaxed.

That evening we noticed his head was a lot more even, I mentioned earlier that it was raised on the left side, we couldn’t believe it. We never thought we would see a physical change we were just hoping for a “few words” or some behaviour change. Over the next 3 days we noticed a lot of changes in Ronan. He seemed like he was coming back! He was enjoying our company and playing with his brothers, his eye contact was improving too. He even ate a full apple where before he wouldn’t even try hold one, let alone eat it.

It was June when he got his first healing and all I can say is he is improving day by day. It is now August and Ronan has around 25 words, his social skills have improved, he’s showing affection now, where before he wouldn’t.

He’s trying new food, he plays with the grass now pulling it up and watching it blow away. His level of understanding has gone from a one to around a five or six. He will visit the doctor’s surgery without getting himself into a terrible state. I’d say in total there has been an overall 85% turn around in Ronan. And that was only after one four day session.

He has become so aware of his surroundings, he is a delight to watch exploring things the way any other 2 year old would do. I could go on all day you how he’s changed, all I can say is I would highly recommend it to anyone. It has changed our lives for the better and given us our beautiful little boy back.


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